Fintech told by HuffPost Italia: a new section is born

A section to tell how technology and finance together are changing the way of investing money, taking out a mortgage or accessing a loan, playing on the stock market and even making transactions in coins that exist exclusively online.

HuffPost Italia, a newspaper of the Gedi group (which also edits Repubblica) directed by Mattia Feltri, opens a vertical channel dedicated to Fintech, one of the sectors with strong prospects for the future and which is being learned about through the examples of Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs in the world of art and crowdfunding

The channel, edited by the co-director Gianni Del Vecchio, will try to provide readers with the tools to navigate these topics thanks also to the quality and reliability of an important partner such as the Politecnico di Milano, thanks to the QFinLab driven by Emilio Barucci.

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