Twitch Streamer Alisha Roasts Mizkif for Turning Down Big Money NFT Sponsorship

It turns out that Alisha is not impressed by the bragging her fellow Twitch streamer Mizkif is doing about the amount of money he turned down.

twitch streamer alisha roasts mizkif for turning down big money nft sponsorship

While there are some Twitch streamers that make quite a bit of money by streaming every day, it’s no secret that there are definitely different tiers of earners. That’s likely one of the reasons why Twitch streamer Alisha wasn’t particularly impressed when fellow personality Mizkif bragged about how much money he recently turned down.

Mizkif recently returned to the Twitch platform, having dealt with a breakup with his longtime girlfriend. It appears that not everyone is welcoming him with open arms, though. Alisha specifically isn’t happy about his recent talk about the kind of money he’s been offered since he came back. She also felt that his talk about turning down $300,000 wasn’t helpful, considering that it’s quite a bit more money than some of the others on the site make in a couple of years.


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Alisha – who is certainly no stranger to Twitch controversy – felt as those Mizkif’s recent comments about turning down an NFT sponsor were a bit scandalous. She took to her own channel in order to vent her frustration over the comments, first showing a clip where he brags about turning down the sponsorship. She then pauses his video and sarcastically exclaimed, “wow, thanks Miz, you are just so … awesome.” She then went on to say that she’s sure many of his viewers really appreciated that he declined the offer when “most of us don’t even make $100,000 a year.”

Alisha continued sarcastically thanking Mizkif for his turning down the substantial money offer. She also made it clear that she thought him bragging about that particular turn of events was out of line. Towards the end of the short video, Alisha gave her fellow streamer a derisive clap while once again explaining that by turning down the NFT offer, he’d turned down an amount of money most people won’t see in two to three years. She ended the clip by saying “go f— yourself.”

NFTs in the streaming world have been a hot topic of late, and they’re even starting to make their way into video games. However, they’re getting a mixed reception by gamers, as is the case when Dead by Daylight developers decided to add some NFTs to their game.

Even more recently, an NFT bearing the likeness of Twitch streamer Amouranth sold for more than $125,000. That kind of popularity and dollar value is likely why sponsors appear to be talking to more and more Twitch streamers these days. Regardless, Alisha has made her thoughts on the topic very clear.

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Twitch: Who is Amouranth?

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